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Routine Dentistry London


Routine Dentistry for Regular Dental Check-up

We believe excellent oral health is something everyone can attain and enjoy. Preventative care is so important to keep your teeth and gums strong, healthy and disease-free. We also provide friendly advice and education on how patients can maintain great oral hygiene at home.

Why is good dental health so important? A clean mouth prevents all sorts of nasties like tooth decay, cavities, bad breath and gum disease. Routine dentistry allows your dentist to help keep your oral health in tip-top condition. It also means we can recognise the earliest onset of potential problems and act quickly prevent further damage, restoring your smile.

Helping nervous patients feel at ease

We understand many adults have dental anxiety which prevents them from visiting the dentist and receiving treatment. If you’re feeling nervous, please let us know. Our friendly team are sensitive to the concerns you may have, and are dedicated to making your experience here a pleasant one. We also use anaesthetic and/or sedation to make your treatment as comfortable and painless as possible.

Routine dentistry

How much does routine dentistry cost?

  • General checkup - £150
  • Hygiene appointments - from £85
  • Root canal treatment - from £400
  • Tooth extraction - from £250
Finding the root of your Tooth Problems and What Dentists can do for Your teeth Stay Connected

Our prices reflect the quality of treatment and care you can expect from our highly-trained team. To learn the specific price of your individual treatment, please visit Smile Dentist for consultation. We’ll discuss your treatment needs, answer all your questions, and create your own personalised treatment plan.

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