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Root Canal Treatment by Endodontist in London

Root canal treatment is used to remove severe infection from the dental pulp (soft center) of a tooth. The pulp contains the tooth’s lifeline: the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Tooth decay, gum disease, and cracks or fractures in the tooth can all leave the dental pulp vulnerable to infection.

As the infection spreads, the tooth begins to die. The surrounding area swells and collects pus (called an abscess) resulting in a bad toothache. Root canal treatment can stop the pain, clean out the infection, and save the tooth from being removed.

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What does treatment involve?

Root canal treatment is straightforward. We’ll remove all infection and decay from the tooth before sealing it off to prevent further damage. You’ll then be fitted with a beautiful replacement crown to restore full form and function back to the tooth.

Your treatment will be performed under local anaesthetic to ensure your comfort and safety at all times. We can also provide a sedative to help nervous patients relax.

Your experienced dentist will thoroughly discuss your treatment with you beforehand. You can ask questions and raise any concerns you may have. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with all aspects of the treatment before we go ahead.

Rest assured, Smile Dentist uses the latest techniques and technologies to ensure great results every time. Together we’ll help keep your teeth happy and healthy for life.

How much does it cost?

Root canal treatment starts from £400. Please visit Smile Dentist for consultation. We’ll chat through your treatment options and answer any questions you have. You’ll also be provided with details of the full cost of your treatment, as well as information on our affordable payment plans.

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