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Dental Implants in London to Missing Teeth


Missing, damaged, or loose teeth can be replaced with high-quality dental implants in London. Smile Dentist is proud to provide beautiful dental implants to restore your smile and your confidence.

A dental implant is a tiny titanium screw positioned in the jaw to replace the root of the missing or damaged tooth. Once ready, the implant can support a replacement tooth (crown), which looks and functions just like a real tooth.

Types of dental implants at our clinic in London

Benefits of dental implants

What does treatment involve?

Step one: Your initial consultation

You will meet with us to evaluate your case and plan your treatment — your jawbone must be strong enough to support the implants. A bone graft may be arranged for patients with weak jaws.

Step two: Fitting the implants

Under local anaesthetic, your dentist will place the implants in your jawbone. Nervous patients can opt for a mild sedative to aid relaxation. You’ll then be given a temporary crown or bridge to wear.

Step three: Fitting the replacement teeth

The implants will be left to fuse with the jawbone for several months before we perform the final step. Your permanent teeth will be fitted — they’ll look and feel natural and will be ready to use right away. Treatment takes six to eight months on average.

How much do dental implants cost?

The cost of dental implants starts from £2500.

Finding the root of your Tooth Problems and What Dentists can do for Your teeth Stay Connected

To learn the specific price of your individual treatment, please visit Smile Dentist for consultation. We’ll discuss your treatment needs, answer all your questions, and create your own personalised treatment plan.

We understand cost plays an important role in your decision to have dental treatment, and offer affordable payment plans to help you spread the price.

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