Invisible Braces

Straighten your teeth with invisible braces in London

Orthodontic treatment has changed and improved rapidly over the years. Gone are the days of traditional, ugly and uncomfortable metal braces. Teeth straightening is now a simple, comfortable and discreet process — and we’re here to help you on your journey.

 The talented Smile Dentist team are dedicated to exceptional patient care — from your initial consultation, through treatment, and beyond into aftercare. We apply our honed skill and extensive experience in dentistry to create the perfect treatment plan for you.

Whether you want to fix your bite, close gaps and even our your smile, or take care of that annoying crooked tooth, you can rely on Smile Dentist for beautiful results.


Types of invisible braces

With our cutting-edge range of invisible braces, there’s truly something for everyone. Invisalign’s clear removable aligners provide a flexible way to perfect your smile; lingual braces (fixed to the back of the teeth) offer ultimate discretion; while clear or ceramic fixed braces straighten out moderate and more complex cases.

  • Invisalign - discreet, comfortable, and effective!
  • Lingual braces - transform your smile in secret
  • Removable aligners - flexible and convenient
  • Clear braces - unobtrusive fixed braces
  • Short-term braces - get straight teeth fast
  • Retainers - keep your smile beautiful for life

How much do invisible braces cost?

Everyone’s orthodontic treatment is different and planned individually. The cost of treatment varies depending on the braces chosen, length of treatment, and the complexity of your case

Please see our prices below to get an idea of treatment costs

  • Lingual braces - from £1750
  • Invisalign - from £1500
  • Clear braces - from £1500
  • Removable aligners - from £895
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The exact price of your individual treatment will be determined at your no-obligation consultation with Smile Dentist. We’ll discuss your treatment options and provide you with clear, upfront information of the cost, as well as available payment plans

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