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Clear Braces London


Straighten your teeth with clear braces in London

Clear braces straighten teeth with clear or tooth-coloured brackets designed to blend in seamlessly with your smile. Clear braces are a popular alternative to metal braces thanks to their discrete appearance and fantastic results.

Smile Dentist loves clear braces for their self-ligating technology, which uses a specialised clip instead of elastics to hold the archwire in place. The clip helps move the teeth while reducing the amount of pressure and friction they feel. The braces also require fewer adjustments and less appointments, freeing up your time.

Fixed braces allow for precise results and are great at treating more complex orthodontic cases concerning crowding and bad bites. In some cases, self-ligation can gently broaden your smile, creating room for crowded teeth without the need for extraction.

You’ll have regular appointments at Smile Dentist to have the archwire changed; and we’ll make sure things are progressing as they should be. With clear braces, you can look forward to faster appointments, a more comfortable treatment, and a beautiful smile.

How much does clear braces cost?

  • Fastbraces - from £1500
  • Damon Clear - from £2995
  • In-Ovation® C - from £2995

The exact cost of your treatment depends on the braces you choose and how long your treatment is estimated to take. Mild cases may be finished in as little as six months, whereas more complex problems tend to need at least 18 months.

Please visit Smile Dentist for consultation. We’ll chat through your treatment options and answer any questions you have. You’ll also be provided with details of the full cost of your treatment, as well as information on our affordable payment plans.

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