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What You Can Expect By Wearing Invisible Braces

What You Can Expect By Wearing Invisible Braces

Check out these 5 points of what to expect before you decide to fit clear braces:

  • Complete health check – The first step is to get a thorough health check done by Invisalign providers. They will find out if you have healthy and strong teeth and gums to fit these aligners. If they find your oral health unfit and unhealthy, they won’t fit these braces to align your teeth.
  • Scan process – If you have strong and healthy teeth and gums, the dentist will consider you to be the right candidate for wearing aligners. He will take a detailed mould of the teeth which is then used for the formation of a cast to be scanned in computer. This will enable him to create 3D model of your teeth and gums. The dentist will then make the ideal layout for final positioning of your teeth. Then, the information will help to form the stages for proper alignment of your teeth to the final position.
  • The first set of teeth – After the first set of braces is ready, you will then have to go to your dentist to get them fitted properly. The Invisalign dentist will see if you can wear them comfortably and it get fited inside your mouth properly. You will be given advice on how long you will have to wear them in a day, when you can remove them and how to take care of them.
  • After two weeks – After two weeks of wearing the set of aligners, you will again have to visit your Invisalign provider for the next set. This new pair of aligners will be a bit different from the first pair to move teeth in their desired position. You need to continue to see your dentist for new braces throughout the treatment process.
  • After six to eighteen months – The procedure for teeth alignment is usually half the time with invisible braces than with traditional braces. You can remove your final set of aligners after six months and restore your perfect smile. The whole experience will be easy, comfortable and involves miner pain.

You may visit Smile Dentist where our Invisalign providers can help you to align and straighten your teeth by wearing braces. The best part of wearing invisible braces is no one can notice you are wearing them consequently, you can have the perfect set of teeth and improve your confidence with clear aligners.

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