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Things You Need to Know for Keep Your Retainers Healthy and Bacteria Free

Things You Need to Know for Keep Your Retainers Healthy and Bacteria Free

Would you go without brushing the teeth for days together? Probably you won’t and so will no one with a sound, healthy mind. Unfortunately, it’s not the same with retainers. Most people neglect cleaning their retainers in a routine, frequently manner. According to a prominent oral health expert in London, unclean retainers put your dental health to a serious risk. Every time you place an unclean retainer in the mouth, it’s like applying a plaque and bacteria-filled solution to your teeth and the gums.

Read on to learn some useful tips on how to clean invisalign retainers and also, when to clean them.

When to clean your retainers

You should clean the retainers every time you brush the teeth. Use the same soft-bristled toothbrush to softly touch-up the surface of your oral retainers. More extensive cleaning should be provided once a week. The tell-tale signs that say your retainers require immediate thorough cleansing include:

  • Bad smell or taste emanates from the retainers
  • You notice a thin film on the retainer surface
  • White spots are visible on it

Oral bridges

Experts at Smile Dentist in London warn those white spots may well be tartar buildup, which leads to cavity formation in the tooth. Excessive bacteria build up in your retainer may lead to its cracking or breaking. Remember, just as harmful bacteria damages your teeth, they can as well damage your oral retainers. After switching over to aligners, if you suddenly become prone to tooth sensitivity or any other oral health issue including dental caries, thoroughly review your retainer care with your orthodontic expert.

Tried and tested cleaning tips for retainers

Drink as much water as you can every day while you’re on retainers. This prevents or at-least minimises the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth. A moist retainer can survive a lot of damages. To ensure the maximum benefits of wearing a retainer, avoid sugary drinks, including cola and soda. These sweetened drinks are more prone to damage your teeth and gums than anything else. Whenever you remove it from the mouth, just remember to keep it soaked in distilled water.

Brushing the retainer

As already mentioned above, brush your retainers, every time you brush the teeth. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and a non-whitening, fluoride-based tooth paste. After the brushing gets over, remove the retainer from the mouth and rinse it thoroughly in potable water. You may also use natural substances like vinegar or baking soda to clean the retainers.

Follow these tips and maintain sound oral health even when you’re on retainers.