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Do You Know You are Not Old for Orthodontics! Know Why?

Do You Know You are Not Old for Orthodontics! Know Why?

Most people believe that orthodontics is specifically for children, which is not true at all. Many adults even hesitate to try any form of orthodontic treatment, as they do not like to wear braces that look bothersome to appear in public places. Well, I must say that adults still deserve to get perfect teeth followed by good oral health. Luckily, advancement in orthodontic appliances does not make people feel they are not wearing any straighter or braces at all!

Why orthodontics is important?

Your smile is one of the first thing people would notice and it positively impacts people around you. Maybe you always had cooked teeth but were not able to get orthodontics, during adolescence. You may even experiencing crooked teeth or jaw pains now! Well, all these problems affect your oral health and social appearance. Why not explore orthodontics, especially since the advent of treatment like invisalign? Go through the sections given below to know more about invisalign.

What is invisalign?

Orthodontics for adults is on demand for various reasons. Some people want to improve their smiles or to correct their bites. Some want to improve their overall health to boost their self-esteem. Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of removable and nearly invisible aligners that are custom made for your teeth. As the aligners are removable, teenager can continue to eat their favourite food, can brush and floss normally to keep teeth and gum healthy.

How invisalign work?

People, who use invisalign, do not need to worry about dietary restrictions. Irritating wires and brackets or any permanent orthodontic appliance can cause discomfort. As aligners in invisalign are completely removable, anyone can easily remove these invisible braces, whenever they want. Even, there would be no restriction on eating and drinking whatever they want.

All this happen because of advanced computer simulations that determine exactly how invisalign work.Although, patients need to change the aligners every two weeks, so that teeth can gradually move into the place. Dental care practitioners advise to wear trays for about 20-22 hours a day, as it would maintain the simulation process.

Invisalign is better, cheaper and less noticeable:

Braces have evolved over the years.It has already discussed that how wearing braces has become less painful and requires less time. Braces that used today are comparatively smaller and bands that wrap around tooth are no longer used. Custom-fitted invisalign does not require you to put restriction on your food habit.

Researches have shown that frequency of misalignment of teeth in adults is similar to frequency in teens and children. It eventually leads to gum diseases or periodontal diseases. Unlike other forms of orthodontic appliances, invisalign makes it easy to maintain the oral health of an adult. Instead of worrying about cleaning and flossing around braces or restricting you food habit, you can easily clean your aligners and teeth separately to ensure a better oral health. Invisalign treatment in London at Smile Dentist could draw your healthy and bright smile back with expert care.