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Choosing Between Removable & Clear Fixed Braces

Choosing Between Removable & Clear Fixed Braces

Undergoing orthodontic treatment with braces is never that easy. There are lots of factors attached to it that lead to complication. Using clear, transparent braces, you can easily avoid uncomfortable questions coming your way. But, oral health experts in London say, every orthodontic case is unique and so, you need to choose between the removable and fixed braces carefully.

What exactly are the removable and fixed braces?

Aligner type braces like Invisalign are very popular at present. Also known as clear braces in London, these can be easily removed and worn back again. On the other hand, the traditional variety comes along with wires and brackets to fasten directly to the teeth.

Unlike the modern braces, the conventional range does not allow patients the facility of removing and wearing them as per convenience. Thus, with the old-fashion braces fastened to the teeth, you definitely cannot brush or floss conveniently. In course of time, this takes a toll on your oral hygiene.

What are the different varieties of removable braces?

Apart from the Invisalign, another popular product in the range of removable aligners is the Inman aligner. However, this variety does not use the Invisalign-style trays. Rather, it uses a series of bows and springs to allow you gently push and pull the aligners. You can easily remove this variety of aligners before a meal or a drink and can wear it back again. Thus, just like the Invisalign range, this one too offers users ample convenience and flexibility.

Considering this, many private dentists in London suggest the Inman aligners to orthodontic patients.

What are the other factors to consider with removable braces?

Time is a crucial factor in any orthodontic treatment. Usually, Invisalign wearers undergo total orthodontic care that covers their entire mouth. In simple words, it means the transparent aligner can also cure tooth root malalignment and bite problems. Thus, Invisalign treatment lasts for anywhere in between 12 and 36 months.

In contrast to that, Inman aligners are more like an accelerated therapy. Here, the entire effort remains focused only on your top and bottom teeth that remain in focus whenever you smile. In fact, this approach is more suitable to people, who’re not particularly concerned about correcting the underlying dental issues, like tooth root alignment. Treatment with Inman aligners usually lasts anywhere in between 6 weeks and 6 months.

Now, let us shed some light on fixed braces. This will help you make the better decision in planning your treatment.

Should I completely ignore the fixed braces?

As compared to the fixed ones, clear braces cost much higher. Moreover, as already stated before, you cannot unwear and wear back the fixed braces on your own. This can only be done by your orthodontic expert and that too inside his office. However, this inflexibility has its own advantage.

In order to secure desired result of the treatment, you have to wear the removable aligners for hours together on daily basis. This commitment is never that easy and this is where the fixed braces score over the removable ones.

Considering all these facts and factors, you can furthermore consult your orthodontic in guiding you to the right path.