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6 Things You Need to Know Regarding Invisalign

6 Things You Need to Know Regarding Invisalign

Are you suffering from crowded, crooked and misaligned teeth problems? If yes, they are probably one of the main reasons for embarrassment, discomfort and improper oral function. Sincere thanks to modern dentistry that has made it possible to solve all these problems with orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is considered to a great alternative to metal braces for the teens and adults. They help in treating several oral problems such as crossbite, spacing, crowding, underbite or overbite. You wear each set of invisible braces for a few weeks and then replace them as the teeth moves closer. You may visit affordable dental practice in London and talk to your dentist about malocclusion problems. Read on to know about 6 important things to know before trying invisalign.

1. No one knows you are wearing aligners

One of the reasons why people choose braces over other teeth-straightening methods is they are almost impossible to detect from the other teeth. Whether you are a teenager or a working professional, you can get your teeth straightened and improve the level of confidence.

2. Necessary to maintain good dental hygiene

Aligners can be removed for special occasions provided you wear them for at least 20-22 hours each day. They do not interfere with your daily dental hygiene which is an important part of attaining the goals for teeth alignment. You can remove them easily at the time of brushing, flossing, eating and drinking which are other benefits of invisible braces.

3. Less time needed for the treatment

The time depends on the individual who will wear the braces. However, the treatment time is usually 12 months for the adults, on an average. Several factors determine the time required for invisalign treatment that includes how well the teeth of the patient responds to the treatment and how committed the patient may be after wearing the braces.

4. Invisible braces get stained easily

When you are wearing braces, it is advised to drink cold water only. Hot tea and coffee may cause stain marks on the aligners while some alcoholic drinks or sugary items will lead to plaque buildup which is quiet difficult to clean. Talk to your dentist to get some effective tips on invisible braces.

5. You will not get pain and discomfort

Invisible braces do not cause much discomfort and pain when you wear them. Mostly, aligners face adjustment appointments which are not a big issue with Invisalign. You might feel some kind of pressure at the time of changing trays after every two week. However, the pain is minimal for most people.

6. Visit your dental surgeon for consultation

You need to see your invisalign dentist in London to be sure if you are the suitable candidate for wearing braces. This way, you can understand whether this is the right treatment for your teeth problems. Your dental surgeon may decide on a treatment plan and make alignment trays ready to fit in your teeth. You can see the most desired results within the time span of just a few months.

Invisalign is said to be one of the vest ways to improve your overall appearance and give you attractive smile. Thus, you will not only look good but also boost your confidence level. Visit https://www.smiledentist.co.uk to know more on Invisailgn treatment.