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4 Tips to Keep Your Invisalign Braces Effective

4 Tips to Keep Your Invisalign Braces Effective

Invisalign is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments for teeth straightening in London. Thanks to extensive media coverage, people are aware that the clear braces technology has revolutionised the approach to teeth straightening. The modernised version of the therapy is not only more effective in correctly predicting the results but also works much faster than the conventional braces.

Smile Dentist is a private dentist clinic in London, located on Camden High Street. The clinic is one of the best providers and has earned unparalleled reputation in delivering successful results on invisible braces. The clinic maintains a warm, friendly atmosphere and uses the cutting-edge infrastructure to ensure greater value of its patients’ hard-earned money. An increasing number of patients are approaching this clinic to undergo the treatment with the discreet alternative to the traditional metallic wires and braces.

If you too are planning to have this treatment, here’re some facts about it that you should know beforehand.

Invisalign facts

  • The aligners work on the teeth only when you wear it: The invisalign braces are also called aligners, because they can be removed whenever needed. But it is essential to wear the aligners for at least 20 hours every day to achieve desired results. Although it is better to wear them for 22 hours or more on daily basis. You can easily remove the invisible braces while eating or drinking something. The removable aligners will allow you brush and floss the teeth better as compared to the conventional alternative. But it doesn’t mean you won’t have to restrict yourself to certain foods and drinks during the treatment phase.
  • Clean your teeth more carefully after every meal: One of the most effective things regarding invisalign braces treatment states, clean your teeth carefully after every meal. So, wherever you go, just don’t forget your toothbrush. It is crucial to maintain sound oral hygiene during the entire treatment period. Else, there’s the chance of catching up with infection from the braces.
  • In most cases, the treatment isn’t painful: An extensive survey was conducted some time back, covering the entire UK. It revealed, nearly 35% of the patients experienced no discomfort, while nearly 54% suffer from mild discomfort. Most amounts of discomfort were reported during the transition between the next stage of aligners and not throughout the treatment as a whole. However, the difficulty lasted for 2-3 days until your mouth acclimates. Getting used to this discomfort is no difficult task either.
  • Don’t use toothpaste to clean the invisible braces: You need to clean your aligners from time to time, but just don’t do it with toothpaste. Normal toothpastes have abrasive ingredients, which can lead to bacteria build up in your clear aligners and leaving behind a bad smell as a result.

The cost of this cutting-edge treatment is slightly higher than that involving the traditional metallic wires and braces. Smile Dentist offers one of the most pocket-friendly charges for this treatment. Click here for invisalign braces cost in our clinic.