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Life Threatening Health Issues Caused by Your Bad Oral Health

Life Threatening Health Issues Caused by Your Bad Oral Health

Aching tooth, bleeding gums or bad breath invariably indicates your poor oral health. On the other hand, your oral health is not just about the condition of your teeth and the gums. Rather, it reflects your overall physical condition. Your mouth is the primary gateway into your body. Harmful bacteria from your mouth easily find their way into your body and contribute to more severe health issues.

Experts from a popular private practice for oral health in London discuss some of the severe health complications that are caused by poor condition of the teeth and the gums.

  • Stained or discoloured teeth: Poor oral health is a major reason behind heart diseases. The bacteria that is responsible for your imflamed gums and periodontal gum disease, clogs up your arteries once they manage to get into your bloodstream. The medical term for hardening of the arteries is atherosclerosis and it is a serious health condition. As a result of this, normal blood flow in your body is hampered, leading to heart blockades and increased chances of a heart attack. The condition of Endocarditis develops even when the harmful bacteria from the mouth reach your heart and affect the lining along the organ.
  • Dementia: Your poor dental health is likely to affect your brain. The inflamed gums release some substance that is fatal for your brain cells. As the brain cells die, memory problems arise. Apart from dementia or memory loss, oral health specialists suspect that Alzheimer’s disease also results from gingivitis or gum infection. You must immediately book an appointment with your dentist if you experience any first signs of gum diseases, tooth cavity or any other problem.
  • Respiratory infections: The respiratory system is likely to suffer because of poor dental health. Harmful bacteria responsible for your inflamed gums and infected tooth will also reach your lungs through the bloodstream. Once they reach your lungs, you succumb to respiratory infections, acute bronchitis, pneumonia and even Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD.
  • Blood sugar: On one hand, diabetics are more easily susceptible to gum infections and periodontal diseases, while on the other, periodontal diseases make it more difficult to control diabetes. The blood sugar level keeps skyrocketing for people suffering from both diabetes and periodontal gum infections. Diabetics require taking special care of their mouth to prevent plaque and tartar formation. In fact, everyone needs to take utmost care of one’s oral health because people with poor oral health are at a higher risk to develop diabetes.

Continuous negligence is one of the primary causes of bad oral health. Don’t neglect your teeth and the gums under any circumstance. Both men and women with poor oral health are found to suffer from medical complications like erectile dysfunction, infertility and various types of cancer. Cancer specialists can no more deny the link of poor dental condition with cases of certain types of blood cancer and cancer in the kidney and the pancreas. Your health and well-being are in your hands. Take care of your oral health and minimise your chances of developing other serious health issues.