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5 Commonest Reasons for Jaw Pain You Must be Aware About

5 Commonest Reasons for Jaw Pain You Must be Aware About

According to dental healthcare specialists in London, jaw pain is a common oral health issue and almost everyone has to face it at-least once in a lifetime. The problem leads to pain, ranging from mild to severe. You should never ignore this problem under any circumstance and see your dentist as soon as possible. There can be various reasons for jaw pain and it’s important to determine the exact cause of your problem. The expert will provide you with the right treatment according to the cause.

Some of the common causes of jaw pain include the following:

  • TMD or Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle Disorder
    It is one of the commonest causes of jaw ache and usually affects the hinge joints on either sides of the jaws. The reasons behind the problem are many, including arthritis, badly dispalced disk, jaw injury and excessive stimulation of the joints in the jaws. TMD can also be the effect of dental problems like teeth clenching, grinding and injuries resulting from sports. Dentists prescribe night mouthguards and sports mouthguards to avoid injuries to the jaws.
  • Sinus problem
    As the sinuses are located close to the jaw joints, sinus pain often finds it way to your jaws. Jaw pain resulting from the sinuses is usually very troublesome and you need immediate medical intervention to overcome the problem.
  • Teeth Grinding or clenching
    As mentioned above, teeth grinding is a common problem found in many and can lead to TMD. This problem usually occurs at night, while you’re asleep. So, it’s hard to know that you’re having the problem. In case you suspect you’ve it, discuss with your dentist. He’ll provide you with the right nightguard to protect your teeth and the gums from the problem.
  • Headaches
    Pain resulting from migrain problem to too severe. Usually, this pain spreads across the head and behind the eyes. It can also affect your muscles in the face and the jaws. If you’re having headaches very frequently, talk to your regular physician or dentist about it.
  • Oral infection
    Oral health issues like a cavity or a tooth abscess can cause unbearable pain, which may spread to your jaws. You need immediate dental treatment in such cases.

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