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10 Myths about Root Canal Treatment

10 Myths about Root Canal Treatment

Regenerative endodontics is a vital branch of modern dentistry that is gaining increasing popularity in London. It is opening up the hidden doors to save children from tooth loss. This branch of dentistry mainly deals with preventing diseases of the pulp. When these diseases are left untreated, the affected teeth die and have to be extracted from the gum line. Regenerative endodontics work to rehabilitate the affected dental pulp, so that there is no tooth loss problem.

Root canal or RCT is a very common treatment in endodontic dentistry. As such, there are certain misconceptions about the treatment that make people scared of the notion when they are asked to undergo it. Thus, a reputed endodontist in London, helps you overcome the myths in the following paragraphs.

Know the 10 Myths about Root Canal

1. Myth: RCT is painful
Modern technology and more effective anaesthetics have made RCT minimally painful. So, there is just no point in suffering from pain anxiety just before undergoing the treatment.

2. Myth: It requires multiple visits to the dentist
As compared to that of the past, technology has improved a lot in the present times. RCT requires one or two visits to a dental office.

3. Myth: Crowns lead to root canal treatment
Many people think dental crowns eventually, lead to root canal treatment. There is no fact behind this conception. According to experts providing private dental care in London, your crowned tooth may develop an abscess or gets decayed underneath the crown. You will undergo the therapy only under such circumstances, else not.

4. Myth: Root canal leads to other illnesses
Yet again there is no evidence to prove this. Rather, people, who have undergone the treatment are at lesser risk to develop oral illnesses.

5. Myth: RCT means removing the network of tooth roots
Root canal therapy does not involve removing the network of roots associated to the affected tooth. It only involves removing the affected pulp of the tooth.

6. Myth: RCT is not suitable for pregnant women
Pregnant women should avail root canal treatment from skilled endodontists. As such, there is no reason why pregnant women cannot avail this modern dentistry treatment to avoid tooth loss. Minimal radiation to X-ray during the treatment does not have any side-effect on their pregnancy. Just make sure, your dentist knows in advance that you’re carrying.

7. Myth: Root canal treatment cannot retain the affected tooth eventually
If provided by experienced pair of hands, RCT will not only retain your affected tooth but will also boost your oral health.

8. Myth: No need to undergo RCT until the tooth hurts
A tooth may need RCT, even when you do not experience throbbing pain. Your dental expert will find out if any pulp is infected and will provide you with the therapy even if you do not suffer from severe pain.

9. Myth: Tooth extraction is better than RCT
Root canal treatment is meant to restore your natural tooth and tooth extraction can never be an ideal alternative to it.

10. Myth: Root canal does not require any follow-up treatment
RCT only cures the infection is your tooth pulp. So, you should have follow-up treatments to permanently retain the natural tooth affected by it.