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Should I Take Dental Implants or Dentures for Teeth Problem

Should I Take Dental Implants or Dentures for Teeth Problem

Dental health and hygiene has shown great improvement in the recent years, however there are people who still have to replace their missing or broken teeth. With the latest advancement in technology, dentures are no more treated as the only option for your teeth problems. So, what will you do when most or say, all your teeth have suffered from decay, damage or gum disease? Well, you must be thinking about different options available for your teeth. Read to know how dentures and implants can help in solving your teeth problems.

Dentures have with their own problems:

  • If dentures do not fit properly, they may cause mouth or gum irritation and need sticky adhesives to hold them firmly in their place
  • They do not secure you against jaw bone deterioration
  • They might restrict the types of food you eat
  • They might slip at the time of eating or speaking
  • Taking out and putting on partial dentures may lead to wear to your adjacent teeth
  • They do not give you the feel or look of natural teeth
  • Dentures have to be replaced within five years

Thankfully, there is an alternative to dentures. Are you thinking dentures as a suitable option for replacing your damaged or broken teeth? If yes, then you should take a look at some benefits of tooth implants over dentures.

Implants are a good option to dentures

Dental implants in London, UK are considered to be a suitable option to dentures for restoring your lost smile. They can be implanted into the jawbone as it looks and functions like natural teeth. They do not affect the surrounding teeth and as they are attached firmly, you can eat and speak freely without the fear of tooth dislodging. If taken proper care, implants are meant to last for a long time and are much more attractive than dentures.

The need to fix an appointment with your dentist

If you are having one or more missing or loose teeth, it is obvious that there will be difficulty in chewing food. In this situation, it is a good decision to schedule an appointment with your dentist who can suggest the suitable treatment for your case. Though implants are certainly a good option, the surgeon knows if you are the right candidate for it. Make sure you go for the treatment, as suggested by the practitioner and solve your teeth problems. Our oral practitioner also provides valuable advice after dental implants surgery so that you might not face any complications in future.

You may visit Smile dentist where the dentists have years of experience and expertise in handling even the most complicated cases of patients who have lost or broken teeth. They will be able to provide you with the most effective treatment so that you can restore your attractive smile and improve the overall appearance.