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First Hand Information on Dental Implants to Cure Tooth Loss

First Hand Information on Dental Implants to Cure Tooth Loss

Dental implants are artificial alternatives to a tooth root. Tooth or teeth loss is a very common issue, which affects a large number of people from every age group. Oral healthcare providers in London identify trauma, accidents and periodontal diseases as some of the major causes behind the problem. There are lots of suggestive solutions to fill up the missing gap or gaps along one’s jawline.

Out of all these alternatives, the tooth implants procedure is the closest to a natural tooth. Modern dentistry offers this smart, aesthetic and practical solution, which according to experts is the best way to accommodate tooth loss.

Why implants are better

  • The implants posts are surgically drilled into a patient’s jaws, which makes the foundation of the posts unbelievably strong and durable.
  • The implants posts are made from biocompatible substances, for example titanium. In course of time, they fuse with the patient’s jawbone.
  • A crown or an artificial tooth is then placed on the implants post. This completely accommodates the lost or missing tooth.

The clinical procedure

  • First, either a CT scan or a 3D image is taken of the jaw with the missing molar.
  • This gives an idea about the existing bone structure along with the location of the nerves, so that the implant can be fitted at the right position, without creating unnecessary pain or complication.
  • Computer-aided dental planning software is used to ensure further safety and accuracy in implants placement.
  • If a patient’s jawline is in lack of enough bone material, experts usually recommend him or her for bone grafting treatment. Smile Dentist Clinic in London is a renowned destination for the implants treatment in the city. Experts at this clinic explain, in lack of sufficient bone tissue, the implants post made of biocompatible substances won’t be able to stay in its position.

Bone grafting is an invasive clinical procedure, in which freeze-dried and mineralised bone materials are placed in a patient’s jaw region. These substances transform into new bone to provide support to the implants posts.

The time factor

Oral implants treatment is a lengthy procedure. After the implants posts are surgically placed into the jawbone, it takes minimum 3 weeks to get healed. Jaw augmentation procedure or bone grafting will take additional healing time. Moreover, if you are addicted to tobacco, the turnaround period will even be much longer, till the crown or the dental bridge is placed on the surgically drilled implants posts.

As far as present-day London is concerned, dental implants treatment is steadily rising in popularity. Success rate of implants treatment using titanium is as high as 95%. The implants are durable solution that requires minimum maintenance. If you make a little effort, your artificial tooth based on implants will easily last for a life-time. However, problems like wrong placement, gum infection and others often lead to implants failure. Therefore, it is important to select a trusted clinic while undergoing this modern dentistry treatment.