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Advice After Dental Implants Surgery

Advice After Dental Implants Surgery

A person with a lost or missing tooth undergoes dental implants as a tooth replacement procedure. Before the process, one needs to know what happens after a surgery and how to take proper oral care. If you are planning to have dental implants surgery in London, here are the points you should know about before getting started.

Guidelines about dental implants surgery:

First hour: Bite down firmly on the gauze placed over the treated area to make sure they stay in place. Hold on them for an hour until the bleeding stops; you can continue with a new gauze set for another 30 minutes if bleeding continues.

Take proper care: You shouldn’t touch the surgical area for the day and remember not to rinse it forcefully. Avoid smoking and brush your teeth gently avoiding the treated area.

Oral hygiene: Although you shouldn’t try rinsing your mouth forcibly, but it is important to keep it clean. Brush your teeth at night but with gentle motions. Slight amounts of bleeding are normal and you can rinse your mouth with saltwater after 24 hours of the surgery.

Activities: You shouldn’t indulge into much strenuous physical activity after the dental implants procedure. You must take complete rest and get up carefully from bed. Avoid exercising post-surgery as it may increase the risk of bleeding.

Persistent bleeding: Remember, there shouldn’t be severe bleeding and if this happens, it indicates that the packs only exert pressure on the teeth, not the surgical areas. In such case, sit straight and avoid physical activity with the gauze repositioned correctly.

Swelling: This is a normal symptom after a surgery which can be reduced using ice packs on the affected area. It should be continued every 20 minutes for a time of 20 minutes during initial 24 hours after surgery. If your doctor has prescribed you with some medicine for selling, do not forget to take it.

Diet: Your oral surgeon will suggest you some suitable foods for dental implants that must be included in your post-surgery diet. You can have nourishing food that is comfortable for your teeth to bite on.

Oozing: Bleeding is quite common after a surgery and oral bleeding involves less blood and more saliva. Probably, your mouth would continue bleeding for around 24-48 hours after surgery. A gauze placed firmly over the surgical area will be of great help to control oozing.

Pain: To be honest, you will feel little pain and discomfort after the oral surgery. The doctor will prescribe some pain medication which is recommended to be taken before the anesthesia dose completes its part. This way you can cope up with the discomfort much better.

Sore throat: Swollen muscles turn your throat sore and you might find it difficult to swallow food and drinks. You will start feeling better in a day or two.

Hopefully, we have helped you with our motive of spreading awareness about the oral surgery. If you want to know dental implants cost, feel free to talk to our dental experts at Smile Dentist.