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Smile Makeover Treatment to Improve Your Smile Clinically

Smile Makeover Treatment to Improve Your Smile Clinically

A beautiful smile not only makes your face look more attractive but also boosts your level of self-confidence. Improving and transforming your smile to make a great impression can be done faster than what you imagine. This is possible because modern dentistry gifts us with an amazing alternative in form of smile makeover treatment.

But before anything else, let’s explore the reasons for which you need to undergo this clinical procedure to smile makeover.

Reasons for smile makeover

A very few people in this world have the perfect set of teeth. Barring them, the rest either have crooked, overlapping, chipped or just unattractive teeth. If you too belong to this later category, then you may consider undergoing a smile makeover. As such, this therapy also corrects cosmetic dentistry issues like gaps in between two successive teeth, discoloured teeth, missing teeth and many more.

The overall procedure

An oral healthcare expert associated with Smile Dentist – a renowned dental clinic in London – explains the overall treatment procedure in the following way. Smile makeover treatment can be broadly divided in two halves. The first half is when you first visit your dentist and the expert examines your oral health thoroughly. At this stage, they try to come across any serious issue that may affect your smile makeover. On finding such issues, they’ll take the necessary corrective measures. The actual smile makeover procedure will start only after all such roadblocks have been effectively taken care of.

It is important to note here, this cosmetic dentistry procedure requires a strong foundation to deliver the best results.

The next phase of the treatment will start with a heart-to-heart discussion between you and your dentist. This will help both the parties to understand each other’s expectations and limitations. Based on the discussion you’ve had, the expert will draw your exclusive treatment plan.

Modern dentistry offers 4 types of smile makeover treatment, which include:

  • Dental veneers
  • Composite bonding
  • Teeth whitening and
  • Oral implants

There are certain additional factors that are taken into account to ensure stunning results of the treatment. These include an individual’s skin tone, facial appearance and the colour of one’s hair, lips and the gum tissues. As far as the teeth are concerned, the expert will consider their colour, width, length, shape, height and alignment to ensure the best results.

The cost factor

As far as the people of London are concerned, smile makeover cost is a serious consideration for them. Dentistry as a whole is quite costly here and smile makeover is not an exception. The exact cost will depend upon a number of related clauses, including the:

  • Treatment duration
  • Condition of your overall dental health
  • Extent of your tailored makeover plan
  • Qualification and expertise of your dentist

Even the extent of your insurance coverage has to be taken into account while calculating the final cost.