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3 Tips to Avoid Teeth Whitening Treatment in Early Life

3 Tips to Avoid Teeth Whitening Treatment in Early Life

These days, almost everybody is self-conscious about some aspect of their appearance. Everyone not only wants to dress great but also desires to wear the perfect smile. It is no wonder that the popularity of cosmetic dentistry is steadily rising all over the UK. On the other hand, one of most common problems that cosmetic dentists have to handle is discoloured or stained teeth.

A renowned cosmetic dentist having years of experience in teeth whitening treatment in London says, not all teeth discolouration cases originate from the same cause. There are different reasons or factors behind the problem. It is also fact that not all these causes can be avoided, how hard you want to. However, there’re certain measures that you can take to minimise your problem.

These include the following:

  • Avoid foods and drinks that stains the teeth: Certain foods and drinks are known to stain the teeth. These include dark coloured berries, red wine, soya sauce and coffee. Even drinking excessive tea takes a toll on the colour of your teeth. Carbonated fizzy drinks, which are also called cola drinks, result in staining your teeth by wearing away the enamel. You should better avoid all these food and drink items as much as possible to keep your teeth whiter.
  • Consumption of tobacco in any form, including smoking: The Internet has made it easier to find a dental office nearby. However, before you enter search strings like "professional teeth whitening near me" on Google, just give up smoking or any other form of tobacco consumption. As such, tobacco itself is a harmful substance that has the potential to cause cancer. Nicotine, present in it, results in a yellowish stain on the white enamel of your teeth. In extreme cases, the stain turns brownish, which is even more unsightly. Moreover, it causes gum infection, which in course of time and if not properly treated, takes a more severe toll on your mouth.
  • Insufficient dental care and poor oral hygiene: If you don’t take proper care of your teeth and the gums, a layer of tartar will appear on them. This not only discolours the teeth but also causes cavities and gingivitis. You should brush twice and floss the teeth once every day. These activities will keep the mouth clean of the harmful bacteria.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, ageing is an undeniable factor that leads to teeth discolouration. But as it is a natural process, there’s hardly anything one can do to overturn it. Even certain medications cause the unwanted staining of the teeth. If you’re prescribed such medicines, then you can ask your doctor to replace them with some other alternatives that have lesser side-effect.

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