Smile makeover
September 01, 2018

Your Helpful Guide to Modern Smile Makeover Treatments

Modern cosmetic dentistry can provide unbelievably predictable results. According to a leading cosmetic dentist in London, it doesn’t matter how many flaws are there in your smile. A comprehensive smile makeover can help you resolve all those issues at one go. To make things even more fascinating for the patients, any reliable smile makeover dental clinic in London uses digital imaging and wax-ups to provide treatment previews.

Thus, smile makeover treatments are more of an investment which not only redesigns your smile the way you want but also:

  • Improves your self-esteem.
  • Boosts your aesthetic appeal.
  • Help you chisel out a better impression in both job interviews and dates.
  • Make you look younger than your actual age.

Smile makeover is a combination of various oral health treatments that help to improve both the appearance of your smile and your overall dental health. The treatments included in a smile makeover vary from patient to patient. It depends on the dental problems you want to resolve. The common treatments for a smile makeover include the following:

  • Dental fillings: This option is ideal for tiny cavities and minor tooth decay. Nowadays, you can have tooth-coloured fillings instead of the conventional metal fillings so that there’s no way to tell you’ve sealed cavities in your teeth. For patients with significant tooth decay problem, onlays and inlays are a better option.
  • Porcelain veneers: According to our experts at Smile Dentist on Camden High Street, Porcelain veneers offer one of the most versatile solutions in cosmetic dentistry. This treatment option allows you to mask the problems of chipped, misaligned, cracked and uneven teeth in one hand, while on the other covers up major teeth stains.
  • Teeth whitening: This proves effective in brightening up your smile and add to your aesthetic appeal. After a single treatment session, your smile will be brighter by several shades.
  • Implant dentistry: A missing tooth or teeth leads to several problems affecting both your dental health and self-esteem. Implants offer the best solution for such problems. Unlike any other missing teeth solution, dental implants cater to both aesthetic and functional aspects. An artificial tooth root is surgically drilled into your jawbone. This artificial post is made from biocompatible metals like titanium. Then an artificial crown is placed on top of the post. Thus, an implanted tooth both looks and works just like your natural tooth. These artificial tooth roots also support dental bridges and dentures. In other words, they cater to cases involving multiple missing teeth.
  • Dental crowns: A tooth may get badly damaged or decayed. To hide this flaw while you smile, dental crowns prove to be very helpful. Crowns play a major role to cap teeth that are badly damaged. This solution not only caters to the aesthetic aspect but also protects a damaged tooth from further damage.
  • Invisalign braces: Invisalign braces is your best bet to resolve crooked teeth problem. The treatment uses invisible braces and customised plastic retainers to shift the teeth into their desired positions.

You can avail of these modern dentistry treatments at any reliable dental practice. Just go online and search with keywords like “private dentist near me” and then, choose a practice from the search result that proves to be most convenient.